Should you invest in Bitcash ATMs?

Investing in Bitcash ATMs is investing in the future. If you believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, as many institutional investors do (see below article), then investing in Bitcash ATMs is an obvious choice. That answer becomes even more obvious when we look at the benefits your customers will consider when using your Bitcash ATMs and virtual kiosks. Bitcash ATMs facilitate the future of banking

The Bitcoin Revolution Has Started

With the recent influx of corporate interest in bitcoin, the cryptocurrency is poised to accelerate into the mainstream.

Bitcoin is now a $1 trillion asset. It is more valuable than Tesla and Facebook, And as of now, only six companies have higher market capitalizations than Bitcoin.

However, I am not interested in talking about Bitcoin’s “mad gains.” I want to talk about the dominating narrative behind Bitcoin in late 2020 and so far in 2021: increased institutional investment.

Before I do, here is a small primer. What exactly is Bitcoin? Well, according to Lily, a 3-year-old who is also a bitcoin HODLer, “Bitcoin is digital money.” I couldn’t have put it better myself!

Institutions Hooked On Bitcoin

As far as institutions are concerned, Bitcoin has jumped from undesirable to undeniable. A few years ago, some of the biggest names in finance were dismissing Bitcoin as a scam. Warren Buffet went so far as to label it as “rat poison squared.” JP Morgan also jumped on the Bitcoin hate train and labeled it a scam. JP Morgan has since changed its tune and is now expecting the price of Bitcoin to rise as high as $130,000, labelling it “digital gold.” They have since created a “Cryptocurrency Exposure Basket” of Bitcoin proxy stocks.

Investing In Bitcash ATMs And Our Partnership With Paxful

You purchase Bitcash ATMs from Bitcash USA and tell them the territory you want. Bitcash USA hires one of the best locators in the business to find you locations for every machine you purchase. Furthermore, Bitcash teamed up with Sucurecash; they will service your Bitcash ATMs, and handle your banking. In addition, Bitcash helps you set up a digital wallet, creates your own branded website to promote the locations of your Bitcash ATMs and sets you up with a virtual kiosk. Your virtual kiosk is directly connected to our partner and the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Paxful. Through your virtual kiosk, you will be able to sell Bitcoin to people all over the world at competitive rates. Your profits are not tied to the value of Bitcoin—you profit from every transaction, regardless of Bitcoin’s value.