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Buy In Bulk From Our Bitcoin Trading Desk

Safely buying or selling large amounts of Bitcoin can be a
challenge on the open market. Our Bitcoin trading services solve that problem. Start trading Bitcoin transactions worth $10,000 or more.

One-On-One Support

Hands-on help from experienced traders, including assistance with setting up your own secure storage.

Discounted Rates

Enjoy lower fees when you trade crypto OTC. The bigger your transaction, the more you’ll save!

Fast Settlement

We settle Bitcoin trades via bank transfer, typically on the same day. Fast & SECURE!!!

Trading In With BitCashXchange

Choosing BitCashXchange as your Bitcoin trading partner has its perks. You’ll receive hands-on help from an experienced crypto manager and sliding scale discounts for large orders.

Trading Bitcoin in bulk also helps prevent price slippage. Traditional crypto markets and exchanges often settle large transactions as multiple smaller trades. Exchange rates fluctuate as the smaller trades hit the open market, meaning you get fewer coins as a result. When you trade OTC the transaction never hits order books, preventing rates from changing mid-trade.

And at RockItCoin, you can do more than simply buying BTC OTC. You can buy Bitcoin with a credit card here on our site, or with cash at one of our many Bitcoin ATM locations. Plus, we support OTC crypto to crypto trades and even let you sell your digital assets over the counter.

So skip the traditional cryptocurrency markets like hedge funds and other high net worth individuals do and get your start in OTC markets by making your first trade with us today!

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